Independent Contractors

At Mi Salon Spa we’re all about education, a commitment to excellence and helping stylists become the best they can be at their craft. As part of this effort we offer an independent contractor program that provides a structure by which stylists who wish to become their own boss may do so while still remaining within the Mi Salon Spa family. Stylists who have elected to participate in our independent contractor program handle all of their own booking and accounting functions while still having access to the Mi Salon Spa state-of-the-art salon facilities as well as a significant inventory of retail products, boutique products and educational programs. If your stylist is an independent contractor you may book your appointment with your stylist online by clicking the booking button below.

CLICK HERE to Book an Appointment

This online booking service is only for independent contractor stylists. If your stylist is an employee of  Mi Salon Spa, please call 859.647.2566 to book your appointment.

Important Note: Independent contractor stylists function independently of Mi Salon Spa management. While they share the same facility, they are operating their own business, determining their own hours, setting their own prices and handling all aspects of the business as they choose. As such, all services rendered by independent contractor stylists are the sole responsibility of the individual independent contractor stylist. This includes pricing, payment options, payment terms, taxes, refunds, appointment bookings, service issues/problems and all other services that may be provided by independent contractor stylists. If you have a question about the services rendered by an independent contractor stylist, please speak with the stylist directly. Mi Salon Spa accepts no responsibility whatsoever as to the business practices of or services rendered by independent contractor stylists.