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Natural Nails

Manicure                         $ 27 and up
Enjoy some pampering and shaping of your natural nails. This includes filing, shaping of your nails, pushing and trimming cuticles, where it is needed along with application of cuticle oil. Lotion is then applied followed by a relaxing hand massage, then choose your favorite nail polish color!. *Add French polish additional $5


Spa Manicure $37 and up
In addition to all the luxuries of the manicure above this also includes, a warm paraffin treatment and your hands will be hands wrapped in a nice hot towel, leaving your hands feeling silky and soft.
Gel/Shellac Manicures
Gel/Shellac Manicure is an amazing product/polish that is applied to your natural nails and a Gel manicure includes all the same benefits as a regular manicure, except we find Gel Shellac polish to last two weeks or more and it’s 100% dry when you leave the salon, it rarely chips and keeps its shine very well how great it that! You will have that “just polished” look longer than regular polish! $ 37 and up
Change your color for a special occasion or just for the fun of it. You choose the color! Fingers $10 +

Toes $ 15+

French Polish  can be added to any service for an additional charge of $5
Buff & Polish Fingers $ 20+
Includes filing and shaping of the nails, buffing and polish, then you choose your color! Toes $ 25+
Add $5 for French polish

Artificial Nails

Full Set – Acrylic, Fiberglass, Gel or Silk, we apply the tips to add length to your natural nails, then apply acrylic product over the top of the nails for strength $ 60 +


Fill In – Acrylic, Fiberglass, Gel or Silk, this is to maintain the acrylic full set or overlay. Its is suggested to be done every two weeks, We will file and buff the acrylic and fill in the growth area and add new polish!


$ 35+
Overlay – Acrylic overlay /Nail Wrap

Acrylic overlays we apply acrylic directly over your nails. This makes your natural nails even stronger and more durable and overtime can actually help your natural nails to grow out with out breaking as easily


$ 60+
Party Tips (Weekenders)  $40+
Party nail tips – Are temporary tips applied, meant for a special occasion typically lasts a few days. Add Shellac polish for $10
 Shellac polish can be added to acrylic for an additional  $10                                                                                                 
Nail Repairs $ 6 and up
Soak off polish prices vary depending on the manufactures brand if Mi Salon Spa polish is used the cost is $20+ ask your technician for details, they are happy to answer any questions you may have.


$ 20 +
Nail Art (pictured below)  Price starts at $5 and is based upon consultation, prices vary according to design and time.
Mi Salon Spa prides ourselves by staying current with the latest nail trends. We offer a variety of techniques, free hand art, stamping, foiling, etc the possibilities are endless…Please consult with the nail technician providing your service, to determine the pricing for your desired nail art


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Pedicure $ 67 and up
This service includes soaking your feet in a warm whirlpool foot bath while relaxing in a luxurious massage chair. After soaking, we will shape your nails, then use a foot file to smooth troubled areas and calluses, then we will apply a foot scrub to help exfoliate and remove the dead skin and make your feet feel smooth again, following this you will receive a relaxing foot massage, how’s that for relaxation!

Shellac polish on toes is an additional $20


Spa Pedicure $ 67 – 69 +
Relax, sit back drink some of our amazing coffee while we take care of you in our state of the art pedicure massage chairs, while you receive all the same benefits of a pedicure, in addition to all this your feel will receive a warm paraffin treatment after being placed in our pedicure booties to help allow the paraffin to make your feet refreshed and smooth.

French add additional $5

Shellac polish on toes is an additional $20

Ultimate Pedicure $ 80 +
This pedicure is performed in a ” private spa room”. It includes a skin mask, hand and arm massage, scalp massage, and foot and leg massage.
Toes to Go $40 +
After soaking your feet in a warm foot bath, we shape, file and push back your cuticles and trim if necessary, then apply the polish of your choice!                                                             $ 40 +